Message from the President

President Tony Helfer in Action

Welcome to the web site of UFCW Local23. We hope that the information that is provided is helpful to our membership and to all who are inquiring about labor. For all those who work, we believe that your labor should be rewarded with wages and benefits that will support you and your dependents. To accomplish that goal we must exercise the power that each one of us has and to combine that power together as a union. When we work together as a union of people who have a common goal to provide for our families, we can be a mighty force. When we get active and participate in our union, we give our union even greater power.

I encourage all working people who are members of UFCW Local 23 to get active in their union. Go to meetings and participate in the activities of your union. You have the power to shape your future. By working together we can improve your income, provide affordable health care, build a solid retirement and protect you on the job. The more involved and active we are the more successful we can be. Let us build a solid future for our families and for each other as a labor union. Let us exercise our power for the common good of the membership of Local 23.

President Tony Helfer